The Stireman Selling Process

The decision to sell is often predicated on how much a property is worth in today's market. Arriving at an “opinion of value” requires that we take a comprehensive look at a number of variables. We utilize our team approach to its fullest by looking at a property with three sets of eyes. We then individually analyze the market data and finally put our heads together to arrive at a consensus. The process is as follows:

  • A short property tour is scheduled requiring typically no more than 15 or 20 minutes depending upon the size and nature of the property
  • We gather property facts from you, your township/City and other sources as applicable
  • Computer searches are conducted to find “comparables”: recent sales of similar properties and similar properties that are currently for sale
  • Working with these comparables we determine the value of your property by:
    1. adjusting the comparables, (according to specific features that have the affect of raising or lowering the value), to more closely align the comparable with yours,
    2. determining what it would cost today to reproduce improved properties,&
    3. taking advantage of our 74 years of combined real estate experience & knowledge of our market … because this is not a science but a blending of fact and industry instinct!
  • We customize a marketing plan that provides you with a written opinion of value and a marketing plan that is specifically tailored to your property
  • Suggestions, if requested, on how best to present your property for sale will be provided
  • We give complete and concise explanations of documents, (i.e., Seller's Property Disclosure Statement), that must be provided by a Seller to a Purchaser
  • Answers to questions regarding current market conditions, the timing of a transaction, Seller's expenses and what to expect while the property is being shown are thorough and “real world” answers
  • We'll work with you to develop an effective response to any offer tendered
  • If you are moving out of the area and buying a new home, we will help you find a Realtor and we'll provide you with important relocation tools
  • Our commission is not set but structured upon the circumstances surrounding the listing and the price of the property
  • You are not obligated to list your property with The Stireman Team … we hope that if and when you decide to list we will be the real estate Team of choice!

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